České Velenice

The town of České Velenice is situated on the southern border with Austria, about 30 kilometres from the spa town of Třeboň. During World War II, it was a part of the neighbouring Austrian town of Gmünd. Even today, the connection of both towns is very narrow, both in the field of cooperation and in neighbouring relations. Many of the 3.5 thousand inhabitants work in the zone of Industrial Park České Velenice, in companies such as Magna Cartech, Kinshofer etc.


The town is developing in all fields, maintains and offers a lot of activities in its micro-region. Visitors, in addition to the well-known chestnut alley, the relatively young church of St. Agnes of Bohemia and beautifully repaired Chapel of the holy Family, are offered a bicycle ride around the beautiful countryside full of pure forests, meadows and crystal clear sand ponds. The biggest attraction for tourists from near and far, however, is the replica of the 1907 Mércédes-électrique-Stoll historic trolleybus, which can also be seen with a professional commentary or even taken a ride after booking tickets on-line on the town’s website. The town is also a very important railway and road transport hub, around which there is a wide range of tourist attractions and cultural activities.

At the very centre of České Velenice there is the Czech-Austrian Community Centre Fenix, where various cultural, social and educational events take place all year round, and even events outside this facility are also organized here. The traditional are: the Easter markets, concerts in the chapel, in the alley or the amphitheatre, the Music Weekend at the turn of the holidays, the Farewell to the Holidays, the Christmas Market and other events. Last but not least, it is necessary to appoint the Čerti (Devils) event (5th December), which, in particular, has gained in its fame and popularity in recent years. The ever-growing number of visitors is attracted by beautiful, sophisticated Krampus masks and the whole show.