Dačice, the town of the first cube of sugar in the world, is located in the easternmost region of the South Bohemia region. The first written reference is from 1183. The dominant feature of the town is the Renaissance tower of the Church of St. Lawrence. In 1843 the first cube of sugar in the world was made in Dačice.

As a reminder there is a small granite monument near the town center and a permanent exhibition in the local museum and gallery. Dačice Castle offers a tour of representative halls and rooms of the aristocratic family of the Dalberg.dacice002

Dačice lies at an altitude of 483 m above sea level. It is a part Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and it is an entrance gate to the interesting tourist areas of Podyjí and nearby Česká Kanada. Hiking enthusiasts, cyclists and those who prefer the view from the horse saddle will definitely enjoy this region. It is rich in historical monuments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. You will meet with water mills, ancient churches and monasteries, castles and chateaux, and Jewish cemeteries.

Dačice is a modern town, a natural cultural and business center of the Dačicko micro-region. It has over 7 thousand inhabitants. There are shops, banks, small and larger companies, primary and secondary schools, a municipality swimming pool, a sports hall, a 3D cinema and other modern sports and cultural facilities. For town visitors there are many cultural and sporting events throughout the year. Music and historical festivals, the carving symposium, traditional fairs, farmers' markets, music and theater festivals are held regularly.


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