A town with history since 13th century


This ancient town is situated just a few kilometres from the Austrian border. The first written mention of Kaplice dates back to 1257. 

The town is situated in a scenic landscape on the river Malše and is the gateway to Novohradské Mountains. In the early Middle Ages, Kaplice was a market village on a salt path that connected Upper Austria with South Bohemia. Kaplice has  the town rights since 1382, before it was mentioned as a village, and later as a small town. On 9th July 1936, it was promoted to the town. Until World War II, the German population prevailed. Until 1960 it was a district town.

Between 1771 and 1775, Ferdinand Kindermann, an enlightened educator and later a bishop of Litoměřice, worked in Kaplice and built a school whose reputation was beyond the borders of Bohemia.

The oldest monuments of Kaplice are two churches east of the square. The late Gothic church of St. Florian, called the Czech one, built in 1491 on the foundations of a Romanesque chapel, which gave the town the name of Kaplice and the Church of St. Peter and Paul, called German, of early Gothic origin from 1257.

The villages: Blansko, Dobechov, Hradiště, Hubenov, Květoňov, Mostky, Pořešín, Pořešínec, Rozpoutí, Rožnov and Žďár belog to the town of Kaplice and altogether they have nearly 7000 inhabitants.

Tourism in pure nature

The surrounding area offers many trips, where you can visit the ruins of the Pořešín, Louzek and Sokolčí castles, situated in the picturesque valleys of the Malše and Černá rivers. By bike or car, it is certainly worth taking a trip to Novohradské Mountains and visit places such as Žofínský forest or the lookout tower on Kraví Mountain.  

Culture life in Kaplicekaplice1

In Kaplice is worth visiting the town centre with newly renovated square, renovated town hall and Krampus Gallery, which has been a phenomenon of alpine demonic creatures - Krampus, who are "live" regularly in the mid of December at the only original Krampus show in the Czech Republic. This event is attended by several tens of thousands of visitors. Other major cultural events in Kaplice include the summer music festival "Sucháč fest" at the end of June, music evenings during the summer holidays and “Kaplické slavnosti” (The Festival of Kaplice), held in early September. Part of the cultural and educational centre in Kaplice is the newly renovated 3D cinema and the local library.

Kaplice, proud town of sport

Kaplice offers not only an interesting cultural but also a sports program. Every year, Kaplice and its surroundings are an integral part of the Rallye Český Krumlov or old-timer rallye. In the Blansko basin there are organized Czech Motocross Championship races every year.

The local Athletic Games for elementary and secondary school pupils are regularly held at the athletic stadium in June. Traditional athletic event in September is Kaplice Evening Run. Every year, it welcomes runners from the youngest category to the veterans and it is regularly attended by South Bohemian top runners and in some years also the Czech top runners. In 2017 the race celebrates 50 years anniversary.

Everything about culture, sports and social events in Kaplice you will find at: www.ikaplice.cz.

Information about the only original show of Alpine demonic beings Krampus, organized by Kaplice and its partners, can be found at: www.krampuskaplice.cz.

The official web site of the Kaplice Municipal Authority can be found at: www.mestokaplice.cz.

A word from the vice-mayor of Kaplice

“We are delighted that the sporting and cultural program in our town is for the second time enriched by a stage of the cycling race Tour of South Bohemia, where Kaplice is one of the four finish towns. In 2017 it is even the longest stage of this prestigious cycling event. In addition, in agreement with the organizers, Kaplice is the finish town on the day when Kaplické slavnosti - The Festival of Kaplice takes place.

In Kaplice we like sports in all its forms. That is why we aim to create the ideal conditions for the amateur and hobby sports of our citizens, but we are also happy to offer them sport on a professional level, such as cycling race Tour South Bohemia. And it is not the only occasion, because there are motocross races of national significance or the route of Rallye Český Krumlov, which goes through the neighbourhood of Kaplice.IMG 20170802 WA0001

In addition to the cycling race, another important sports event will be held in Kaplice this month. It is the 50th anniversary of the Kaplice Evening Run, which can be attended by runners of all age and performance categories.

Running and cycling are a phenomenon nowadays, and if these encounters with amateur and professional sports contribute to help the children move from their smart phones and computers and bring them to regular sports, I should feel good and happy about that.

A good example and inspiration for so far non-sport youth could be also performances of some young athletes from our town, headed by athlete Tomáš Kratochvíl, who at this year's Youth Olympic Games set a new national junior record in long jump. By 724 centimetre jump he exceeded the 75-year record in this category.

So, let us add to this talented young athlete more of them and let them get inspired even by  the professional cyclists, who will visit our town as a part the cycling race Tour of South Bohemia. I wish the riders and the organizers happy reach the finish!"