Nová Bystřice

Nová Bystřice lies south of Jindřichův Hradec, at an altitude of 590 m, near the state border with Austria. Less than 2 km from the town there is the border crossing of Nová Bystřice - Grametten and 5 km away is the northernmost point of Austria. The town has 3 400 inhabitants with its 13 settlements.


The area of Novobystřicko is characterized by deep forests, many ponds, rich and pure nature and sparsely populated areas. This region is known as Česká Kanada (Czech Canada). Comparison has also been gained by the climate, which is somewhat harsh, especially in the winter. It is a touristy area that offers a wealth of opportunities for spending a peaceful holiday at any time of the year and it is an ideal place for many wonderful excursions.

There is a great network of cycle routs, all of which follow or come from the long-distance cycle route Greenway Prague - Vienna. Hiking tourists will appreciate marked trails and educational trails, some of which are connected to Austria. Lovers of swimming, fishing, mushroom picking and forest fruit collectors will also have great time in here. In the winter season, there are prepared winter cross-country skiing tracks in the near surroundings of Nová Bystřice, and there is also a ski slope in Hradiště with snow making machines. Directly in the town there is a sports hall, a multipurpose mini golf course, a four-track bowling alley or tennis courts. Of course, there is an offer of quality accommodation and restaurants.

In Nové Bystřice there is also a popular golf resort with two golf courses. The biggest interest of visitors to the town is the unique technical monument - the narrow-gauge railway which connects the towns of Nová Bystřice and Jindřichův Hradec by the 33 kilometre long track. In the summer season there are running historic steam trains. Another attraction is the local museum of old-timers, which is the first and the largest museum of American classic cars in the Czech Republic.