Tábor is the second largest town in South Bohemia. Its population is 34 thousand. The history of the town is integrally connected with a significant chapter of European history – the Hussite Movement. In 1420 Hussites, led by Jan Žižka, established a fortified military camp in this place and set off for their campaigns from there. Tábor has undergone a number of changes during centuries, but traces of its medieval history are to be found all over the historical centre. The famous times are commemorated by remains of town walls, an intricate labyrinth of underground corridors and one remaining tower of the original castle Kotnov with adjoining Bechyně Gate. The historical centre of the town boasting a unique street layout and a number of valuable buildings is listed.


After arriving in Tábor you should first head for Žižka Square dominated by a monument to the famous Hussite captain Jan Žižka. Do not miss the Hussite Museum which is located in the late-Gothic Town Hall. A view of facades of old burgher houses built in various architectural styles – late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo is very enjoyable. In the historical centre and its neighborhood you can find three city galleries, an interestingly arranged exhibition Tábor Treasure, the Chocolate Museum, Museum of LEGO, Ghostly Underground, experience an authentic living Hussite museum at Housa‘s Mill and a variety of restaurants and cafés.

Worth mentioning is also the nearby Baroque church in Klokoty – a famous pilgrimage spot. Those who seek a quiet spot for a nice rest should not miss the botanical garden – 2.5 hectares of little fields where economically significant plants are grown, and glass houses with various species of thermophilic plants. The centre of the town boasts the oldest dam lake in central Europe called Jordán.

For a trip to the Middle Ages, visit the international Tábor Meetings festival which is held annually in mid-September. Visitors can enjoy a rich programme featuring various genres of music, street theatre, children’s paradise, costume parades, jousting and impressive fireworks.

The Tábor region has a number of sports grounds, sports halls, tennis courts, football pitches, ice-hockey stadiums, fitness centres, bowling centres, skittle alleys, a shooting range, a sports airport, a golf course, an indoor swimming pool, an indoor tennis hall, several swimming centres and riding farms. The international bicycle path Greenways Prague-Vienna runs through Tábor crossing a number of regional bicycle and hiking paths

Tábor has been a “cyclo-cross town“ since 1996. One of international cyclo-cross competitions is held in the town every year, including European Championship and World Championship.